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IB Exness Indonesia

IB Exness Indonesia or in other words - affiliate program, allows organizations and private traders to receive remuneration for inviting clients to our platform. Together with this program, the broker also supports other partner systems: affiliates, sub-affiliates, regional offices. 

IB Exness Indonesia - commissions and payments

IB Exness Indonesia offers a variety of benefits. Firstly, a participant gets high commissions by choosing one of the business models:

  • 60% of the net spreads depending on the trading volumes of referrals

  • Up to $15 for each lot of net revenue generated by a referral trader.

Exness introducing broker program.


All Exness IB commission can be checked thanks to detailed MT4 and MT5 reporting. The reports are generated at any time a member wishes. Partner gets full access to statistics. He can see client activity, trends, commissions, clicks, payments and other parameters.

IB Exness partner uses the auto-rebate system. He can pay his clients directly and set up a rebate with automated or manual payments.

A partner who promotes the Exness brand increases the profit generated by new referrals. It is possible to receive 25% of the sub-affiliates' earnings. The program works with five levels of affiliate tracking. Your affiliates also earn from referrals and partnerships. 

Payments are made weekly. The minimum amount is $50.

Let's clarify that there is an account for which you can get additional payments. It's an HFCopy account. For each client who uses it, the broker partner receives $6 per standard lot.

IB Exness Indonesia - benefits 

Big plus - you can join the program for free. You do not have to pay any commission to enter IB Exness. That makes it easier for a partner to start working even without experience.

Each participant gets a personal manager who provides support on all issues of the affiliate program. Also, IB Exness Indonesia offers a variety of marketing tools for partners:

  • Banners - static and flash

  • Landings 

  • Free websites

  • Widgets 

  • Video

  • Marketing materials

  • Screenshots

  • Brochures and much more

Affiliate partner clients receive the best possible spreads on the market. The broker provides comfortable trading conditions on the market and detailed programs, which can successfully attract referrals.

Moreover, each partner can attract as many clients and referrals as he can. There are no restrictions on traffic - and, accordingly, on payments. 

How to become IB Exness

To become a partner of Exness broker, you need to go to hfaffiliates.com. There you will see the Become a partner button now. That will open a page to register with the affiliate program.

Exness partner.


On the page, you can choose the type - individual or corporate partnership. In the first case, you need to enter your personal information: 

  • Country of residence

  • Address (Mr., Mrs., Miss)

  • First and Last Name

  • E-mail address

  • Date of birth

  • Phone Number

  • Business information: experience in IB partnership, the estimated number of clients, the amount of deposits from clients, and how exactly you find clients.

  • Program information: base currency, subscription options, etc.

After filling in all fields, click on the Register button. Done, you are a member of the broker Exness affiliate program! 


Our Advantages

Free Funding

Multiple trading accounts

Insurance for clients’ funds


Zero Spread Account

Raw spreads with 0 markups

Low Commissions

Low Cost Trading


Bonus Offerings

100% Supercharged Bonus

100% Credit Bonus


Become an Affiliate

Earnings up to $15 per lot

Auto or Manual Rebate Systems

Free Marketing Tools

Exness Partner Program.